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Coolspring Power Museum

Coolspring Power Museum
P.O. Box 19
Coolspring, Pa. 15730
Tel:  814/849-6883

This museum has several buildings with walk-through displays of over 250 historically significant internal combustion engines depicting over 115 years of engine development, according to their brochure.

This is a treasure house of oilfield engines, pumps and compressors used for drilling, production and pipelines.

The nearest cities to the village of Coolspring are Brookville and Punxsutawney.
Interior view of one of the museum buildings at the Coolspring Power Museum showing the neatness of the exhibit.  The OTTO gas engine in the foreground was probably built in the Philadelphia works sometime circa 1910.  OTTO was the trademark following an internal combustion engine built and designed by Otto and Langen in Deutz, Germany, in 1876. 
Restored engines and powers at Coolspring Power Museum.
Pavilion at Coolspring virtually full of engines being worked on or waiting their turn.
Spare parts at the Coolspring swap meet.



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