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Andrew Carnegie and the Columbia Oil Farm
William Story Farm
The New Pittsburgh Owners
Columbia Farm
Carnegie's First Visit to Oildom
Carnegie's Pond
The Columbia Oil Company
Brass Band
The Earnings
Wells and Operations
Carnegie's Departure
Trivia (?)
Concluding Remarks

Trivia (?)

Well, perhaps this really isn’t trivia, at least not in the eyes of sports historians. In any case it strikes the author as an early barometer of the good old times. Columbia Farm had a baseball team!! They played other teams from boomtowns up and down the valley. The team’s name “Scoopers” was inspirational. In1872 the Scoopers triumphed 21-14 over their rivals across the creek (Tarr Farm). Can’t you imagine them in their stripes? Wonder if a catcher’s mitt still hangs out in an attic somewhere?

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