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Introduction to Oil History
The Drake Chapters
The Central Power
Knock Knock
Gathering Oil
Cable Tool Drilling
Steam Engines
Peruvian Anaconda
The Drill String
Portable Cable Tool Drilling Machines
Rig Tales
Oil Barrels
A Cooperage and the Heisman Trophy
Oilfield Engines Collectors – Restorers (Franklin Valveless)
The Diamond Drill
Whale Oil
Early Oil Pipelines, USA
Tank Cars
The Shot
Tank Wagons and Trucks
Dispensing Gasoline
The First Oil Barges
Andrew Carnegie and the Columbia Oil Farm
The Wild Side of Early Oil


This web site treats on aspects of the history of the oil industry, beginning with events in the northern Appalachian Basin of North America. The presentation will be in the form of written vignettes and photographs with captions. The basis of the information lies in field investigations and archival research.

The History of the Drake Well near Titusville, Pennsylvania, is initially given more attention than other subjects because it introduces the petroleum industry.

Later, attention will shift to other lands because the author has worked as a petroleum geologist in five continents and, since a boy, has been greatly interested in the world-wide roots of this giant industry.

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