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Early Oil Pipelines, USA
Oil Pipeline Idea
Shippen's Promotion
An Oil Pipeline Proposal
Wood and Metal Pipes
The Need for Pipelines
An Oil Pipeline Scheme
Pipelines, Failure and Success
1865, The Van Syckel Pipeline
1865, The Big Year
Gathering Lines
The Pipeline War
The Teamsters, A Good Word
A Flurry of Pipelines
First Great Pipeline Company

An Oil Pipeline Scheme

Jan.  20, 1864.  According to the Derrick's Handbook of Petroleum: "Philadelphia North American outlines a scheme for laying a pipe down the Allegheny to Pittsburgh for the transportation of oil, a large proportion of the people of the oil region oppose the scheme as a blow at their prosperity." This project was abandoned due to the opposition which must have included the voices of the teamsters via their agents.  At least it was a bold scheme and would have been a commercial boon except that the development of pipelines was not technically advanced at this time.  

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