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The Shot
Introduction and Rick Tallini
Uncle Gus
Augustus Pease
The Professional
Robert's First Shot
Composition of Roberts' Torpedo
The Suits and The War
The Accomplishment
Otto Cupler
Concluding Remarks and Erastus T. Robert

The Accomplishment

Roberts really did a great thing. He brought science and professionalism to the well shooting service in its early years. Countless wells were shot using his company’s services, and the shots improved the production, cleaned the wells and even gave life to some "dry holes". For some operators shooting was budgeted as a matter of course in the completion of a well. As already noted there were others who tried to get in the business, but in the 1870’s they practically had to skulk around and work by night, as well as being subject to arrest. Roberts held out long enough to put the shot on a solid and respected basis. Of course the so-called "war" was averted or didn‘t get unduly voilent. Roberts can be credited with greatly enriching the production of oil in America during his hey-day. He died in 1881. After that, the company continued to operate under the management of Walter Brooke Roberts and his son, Erastus T. Roberts. Walter B. Roberts died in 1889.

Insignia or logo of Otto Cupler Torpedo Co. (from a certificate).

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