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Peruvian Anaconda
Wading Creeks
Sighting and Killing the Snake
Pulling the Snake Out
Getting the Skin Out
In Print and a New Home


Anacondas are feared, especially by those people living along river banks in tropical South America.  Also called the water boa, this species of snake is known on numerous occasions to rise out of the water and yank people out of their dugout canoes.  It also frequents aquatic vegetation near the banks and will kill children romping at the water's edge and also coil around women who are washing clothes in the shallow water.  The snake travels overland between water courses.  One slithered through our camp at night, very near to my cot.  I could hear its passage, and I could smell it.  Scared, I decided the best thing to do was to lie perfectly still and even breathe shallow.  I didn't have to see it to know it was very long, judging by the time it took to pass my palm leaf shelter.


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