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The Drake Chapters
Introduction to the Drake Chapters
The Beginning of the Petroleum Industry
Oil Creek Before Drake's Well
Refining Seep Oil
Chemical Report of Seep Oil
Pinched Noses
Other Predicaments
Drake's First Visit to Titusville
Drake Commences Work at the Seep
Drake's Well
First Production
Petroleum Geology of the Drake Sand
Drake's Other Wells
Dismantling of the Derrick
The Deepening of the Drake Well
Among the First Players
Drake's Tomb

Other Predicaments

An even earlier inconvenience happened to Samuel Kier whose early refining enterprise in Pittsburgh was kicked out of town due to fear of explosions by the people along the river front. Kier had to pack up his minuscule refining still and take it to a site in a suburb. And let's not forget the temporary setback experienced by the chemist Silliman, when his analytical device blew up in the Yale lab during the course of his important analysis of the seep oil.

None of these mishaps and events were to amount to anything but aggravation compared to the forthcoming problems that would mark the path of the exploration and exploitation of this volatile liquid.

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