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The Drake Chapters
Introduction to the Drake Chapters
The Beginning of the Petroleum Industry
Oil Creek Before Drake's Well
Refining Seep Oil
Chemical Report of Seep Oil
Pinched Noses
Other Predicaments
Drake's First Visit to Titusville
Drake Commences Work at the Seep
Drake's Well
First Production
Petroleum Geology of the Drake Sand
Drake's Other Wells
Dismantling of the Derrick
The Deepening of the Drake Well
Among the First Players
Drake's Tomb

Drake's Other Wells

E.L. Drake drilled a second well for the Seneca Oil Company a short distance south-southeast of his first well. It was on the artificial island near the west side of the millrace. The second well was completed in March or April, 1860, and made 24 barrels per day (Giddens, 1938). It is believed to have reached a depth of 480 feet (146 m). His third and last well drilled in the summer of 1860 yielded 12 barrels per day. In his drilling, Drake never ventured far from the original well and never left the "island".

Although urged many times by many people, Drake did not secure leases in his own right in the valley and did no drilling other than what the Seneca Oil Company wanted. 

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