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Oil Cans, Signs, Pumps, the Stations
Bill Shea's Filling Station


Since about every foreseeable object (if it can be hauled) in the marketing of oil products is deemed to be collectible by somebody, the author won’t go into further detail. Via its merchandising and advertising the oil industry has left its mark practically everywhere (except when you run out of gas on a country road).

The author never sought top dollar items and doesn’t wish to give the impression that all collectibles have golden prices. In the heat of an auction attended by many collectors, the bids on some items may rise to astonishing heights which can reflect rarity and competition. All in all, collecting bright and colorful oil cans can be fun and deserves its place in the enormously wide spectrum of collectibles. However, an oil can on a bric-a-brac shelf or in a glass French cabinet in the living room would be giving the piece an aura it doesn’t quite deserve. A domicile’s garage or den might be more appropriate.

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